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Application of rotor stator of flotation machine

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  How is the rotor stator of the flotation machine used in the flotation machine? Let's understand together with the rotor and stator manufacturers:
  The rotor and stator of the flotation machine are widely used in flotation equipment in lead-zinc ore, copper ore, gold ore, titanium ore, ore and other non-ferrous metal mines.
  Working principle: When the rotor rotates, a cavity is formed behind the blade to suck in air. The pulp bypassing the blades forms two rows of vortices that rotate in opposite directions, and the air is sucked to the center of the vortex by these vortices, forming bubbles. The formed bubbles may split into smaller bubbles under the action of dynamic pressure and shear force generated by the turbulent pulsating velocity. The farther away from the leaf, the smaller the bubble splits.
  Flotation machines can be divided into four types according to the different aeration and stirring methods: aerated mechanical agitated flotation machine, self-aspirated mechanical agitated flotation machine, decompression flotation machine, and air-lift flotation machine. Among them, the rotor stator of the flotation machine is the most important part of the self-aspirating mechanical stirring flotation machine and the aerating mechanical stirring flotation machine.
Application of rotor stator of flotation machine.
  The rotor in the rotor stator assembly of the flotation machine includes centrifugal impeller, rod wheel, cage wheel, star rotor and so on. The self-aspirating mechanical agitation flotation machine, through the rotation of the rotor, has a suction characteristic similar to that of a pump. It can both self-prime air and slurry, so that the self-flowing return of intermediate products can be realized in the flotation production process. Again, no sand pump is required. The aerated mechanical agitation flotation machine is the same as the self-aspiration mechanical agitation flotation machine. Through the rotation of the rotor, the slurry and the flotation reagent can be fully mixed, and the slurry formation phenomenon can also be prevented.
  The stator in the rotor stator assembly of the flotation machine has a lot of holes in the stator, which are fixed when the flotation machine is running. The holes on the stator of the flotation machine are the channels through which the rotor throws out the pulp. The size and quantity of the holes affect the size and quantity of bubbles in the flotation process. The role of the stator in the flotation machine is actually equivalent to a stabilizer, which can be used to stabilize the foam on the upper part of the flotation cell, prevent the slurry from disturbing the foam layer, and keep the vortex area generated by the rotor away from the foam to form a stable slurry. Liquid level. In addition, the stator can also protect the rotor and make it easier to start the flotation machine.
  The rotor stator of the flotation machine has been in strong collision with the solid particles in the slurry during the flotation process. Therefore, the flotation machine rotor stator wears a lot. The wear-resistant rubber flotation machine rotor stator produced by Chaishang Trading Co., Ltd. is resistant to acid and alkali and has a service life of 1.5 to 3 times that of ordinary rotor stators. It is a revolutionary leap for flotation machine rotor stators.



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