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How to maintain the dewatering screen

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  The polyurethane dewatering screen has good moisture resistance and can work under water conditions. In the case of water, oil and other media, the friction coefficient between the polyurethane and the material is reduced, which is more conducive to screening and improves the screening efficiency. At the same time, it avoids, reduces the adhesion of particles, reduces wear due to the reduced friction coefficient, and extends the service life.
  Polyurethane dewatering screen is the main part of the dewatering screen, and it is also a vulnerable part. Therefore, in normal use, our users must take care of it and do its daily maintenance and maintenance.
  Polyurethane dewatering screen, which is referred to as "PU" for short, is a kind of rubber material, which becomes hard under low temperature conditions, but it is not as hard and fragile as people think. The polyurethane material is extracted from petroleum. Its properties are similar to the material of mineral water bottles. As we all know, mineral water bottles will become soft after heating, but they will not become too hard after freezing.
How to maintain the dewatering screen.
  What are the precautions for installing and using polyurethane dewatering screen mesh?
  First of all, avoid misalignment of the polyurethane dewatering screen installation
  二, avoid top edge leakage
  3. Avoid mud leakage and screen damage
  Four, avoid dislocation wear
  Fifth, avoid over-tensioning. The slack of the sieve will cause the sieve to hit the surface of the "second attack" sieve, which will seriously affect the efficiency and life of the sieve.
  6. Check the tension of the screen to avoid excessive tension. Excessive screen tension will affect the service life of the screen, and even directly damage the screen.
  7. Avoid concentration and refinement. Uneven distribution of the pulp will cause the screen to scour and shorten the screen life. If concentrated flushing occurs, please improve the structure of the paper feeder or use it regularly.
  Contraindications 1. It is strictly forbidden to weld or burn 2. It is strictly forbidden to store in direct sunlight 3. It is strictly forbidden to contact with sharp objects 4. It is strictly forbidden to contact with iron wires.
  Maintenance of polyurethane dewatering screen
  1. Before starting: (A) Check whether the screen is damaged (B) Whether each group of beam rings is locked;
  2. When starting: (A) pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise (B) whether the current is stable (C) whether there is abnormal vibration;
  3. After use: clean up after each use.
  Regular maintenance of polyurethane screen:
  1. Regularly check whether the coarse and fine meshes and springs are fatigued and damaged, and whether various parts of the fuselage are damaged due to vibration.
  2. The motor runs for about two weeks and needs to be refilled with a timely lithium-based grease (ZL-3). Accumulatively run for 1500 hours, check the bearing and clean it immediately if it is damaged.
  Frequent maintenance of the polyurethane dewatering screen can reduce the failure rate of the polyurethane dewatering screen, thereby prolonging the service life of the screen. This can reduce the user's production cost to a degree of D, extend the life of the equipment, and improve the user economy The purpose of benefit.
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