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Hydrocyclone parameters

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  The separation effect of hydrocyclones often differs during operation.There are many reasons for this situation.This article focuses on the influence of hydrocyclone parameters.
  The common hydrocyclone parameters in our industrial activities are integrated and can be roughly divided into the following categories.One is the structural parameter,which is the structure of the cyclone device itself,such as the size of the diameter,the angle of the cone angle,the diameter of the feed port,the sand discharge port,and so on.Another example is the influence of physical parameters,such as the concentration of the processed puree liquid,the particle distribution of the feed,and the selected particle size.It is also important to influence the operating parameters of the hydrocyclone,such as the pressure control during feeding and the angle of equipment installation.
  In fact,the structure of the equipment has been determined before leaving the factory.Unless there is a major change in industrial production,it is generally not changed,but the physical parameters and operating parameters are different.
  The influence of on the physical parameters of the hydrocyclone equipment is mainly manifested in the solid phase concentration and the particles of the material will affect the separation and classification of the hydrocyclone equipment.Generally speaking,the efficiency of separation and classification of equipment increases with the increase of particle size,so the control of material particles is a major aspect that affects its performance.
  Relevant industrial practice shows that the concentration of materials has an important influence on the classification and separation of the process.If the concentration of classified particles is thicker,the classification efficiency of the hydrocyclone will also decrease.The concentration of the flow does not provide control,it is best to use a low concentration ration method.The most effective working state of the cyclone equipment should be the umbrella discharge of raw materials,and there should be a small suction port in the center of the umbrella,so that the air can be discharged from the overflow during the movement.
Hydrocyclone parameters.
  The operating factors of hydrocyclones are mainly in pressure control and equipment installation.The suitability of operating pressure is a key issue that affects the operation of cyclone equipment.This puts forward a requirement for the operator to provide stable operation,and under the condition of a certain flow rate,the feed pressure will generate a vortex inside the equipment.Pressure changes have a significant increase in equipment productivity,but it will reduce the efficiency of classification.
  Usually we will install a pressure sensor on the feed pipe of the hydrocyclone to improve its feed pressure to achieve the best results.
  Operating parameters of hydraulic tourism
  (1)Feeding pressure:Feeding pressure is an important parameter for cyclone work.Increasing the feed pressure can increase the slurry flow rate,and the centrifugal force on the material can increase the classification efficiency and underflow concentration.However,reducing the classification particle size by increasing the pressure has little effect,but the kinetic energy consumption is greatly increased.The overall cyclone Especially the underflow nozzle is more severely worn.Low pressure(0.05~0.1MPa)operation is adopted when processing coarse materials,and high pressure(0.1~0.3MPa)operation is adopted when processing fine and muddy materials.
  (2)Feeding amount:increasing the feeding amount,the grading particle size becomes coarser,and reducing the feeding amount,the grading particle size becomes finer.
  (3)Concentration:When the size and pressure of the cyclone are constant,the feed concentration has an important influence on the overflow particle size and classification efficiency.When the feed concentration is high,the viscous resistance of the fluid increases,the classification particle size becomes coarser,and the classification efficiency decreases.Practice shows that when the grading particle size is 0.074mm,the feed concentration should be 10%-20%.
  (4)Feeding particle size:The change of the feed size will obviously affect the classification effect of the hydrocyclone.When other parameters remain unchanged,when the content of materials smaller than the classification particle size in the feed is small,the content of fine particles in the underflow is small,and the concentration is high,while the content of coarse particles in the overflow increases,and the classification efficiency of the cyclone decreases;When there are many materials close to the classification size,there will be more fine-grained materials in the underflow,and more coarse-grained materials in the overflow,and the classification effect will decrease.



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