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Precautions for hydrocyclone operation

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  Although it is said that the hydrocyclone cannot avoid the occurrence of malfunctions during use,we should not leave it alone and conduct inspections and maintenance in time.Below,the cyclone manufacturer will teach you how to avoid possible failures and maintenance programs of hydrocyclones in use.
  Before we start the hydrocyclone equipment,we should remove all kinds of debris and scum in the equipment,and then import the slurry.There is also particular attention to the introduction,and consistent pressure should be maintained.This can ensure the effectiveness of the equipment.
  In addition,the use effect of the hydrocyclone is related to the concentration of the puree and the size of the particles,so the stability should be ensured when feeding the mine.If the concentration of the pure slurry introduced by the cyclone exceeds 70%,it is likely to affect the normal operation of the equipment,so the concentration of the feed should be paid attention to.
  Another concern is that during the operation of the hydrocyclone,attention should be paid to controlling the thickness of the overflow,and whether the shape of the sand discharge in the nozzle is umbrella-shaped.Observing the shape of the sand discharge is also a good way to determine whether there is a problem with the equipment.If the sand mold has a shape similar to a sausage,you need to be vigilant.Check whether the grit port is blocked.
Precautions for hydrocyclone operation.
  During the entire production process,the fineness of the overflow of the cyclone should be carefully controlled,and the shape of the dust and sand discharged from the dust and sand nozzle.Umbrella and rope shapes are more ideal.If the shape of the discharged dust and sand is like a sausage,take care The clogging of the sand outlet occurred.
  The wear of the hydrocyclone is one of the more important usage indicators.The sand discharge nozzle and the lower cone connected to it are worn out.In order to prevent wear,it is recommended that the cyclone body be lined and equipped with replaceable parts made of wear-resistant materials,which can be replaced at any time.Commonly used wear-resistant materials are rubber,polyurethane,silicon carbide and so on.
  The wear of the hydrocyclone is also a concern in the equipment.Due to the nature of the work,the places where the wear is usually serious are the sand discharge nozzles and other places.Wearing is also unavoidable,but it is a good way to prepare more replacement parts,or to lining the inner lining of the hydrocyclone equipment.
  Hydrocyclone has the following precautions in the application of the concentrator:
  1)The feed pressure should be controlled within the pressure range required by the production,and no major fluctuations should occur.The fluctuation of the feed pressure is usually caused by the drop of the liquid level in the pump pool and the air traction,which makes the pump feed insufficient or blockage of the sundries in the pump;the pressure drop after a long operation is usually caused by the wear of the mortar pump.
  2)Check whether the overflow and grit discharge is unblocked frequently.If the overflow and grit flow is reduced or the underflow is interrupted,the grit port may be blocked,and the feed valve must be closed,the flange and grit port must be closed.
  3)Observe the shape of the sand.Under normal circumstances,the underflow discharge should be in an umbrella shape.If the underflow concentration is too high,it will be discharged in a columnar or intermittent block shape.A proper amount can be used in the feed pump tank.If the concentration is still high,a large grit port should be replaced;if the underflow clamp is thin,the underflow may be too large,the overflow diameter is small,and the pressure is too high or too low.The pressure should be adjusted first,And then change to a smaller grit port.



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