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  Hydrocy clone is a classification device that uses centrifugal force to accelerate the sedimentation of ore particles. It requires pressure to feed the mine, so it consumes a lot of power, but has a small footprint, cheap price, large processing capacity, and high classification efficiency. It can obtain very fine overflow products, which are mostly used in the second-stage closed-circuit grinding equipment.


  Hydrocyclone is a high-efficiency classifying and desliming equipment. Because of its simple structure, easy manufacturing, and large processing capacity, it has been widely used at home and abroad. Its main disadvantages are its high power consumption and high pressure feed. Severe wear during mining. The use of new wear-resistant materials such as cemented carbide, silicon carbide, etc. to make wear-resistant parts of the grit and ore feeding port can partially solve this problem. In addition, when used in closed-circuit grinding, When classifying, because of its small volume, it has no buffering capacity against fluctuations in the amount of ore, which is not as stable as a mechanical classifier.
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  working principle

  The hydrocyclone is divided into pressured and non-pressured according to the feeding method. Generally, pressure feeding is used, and the slurry is at a pressure of 49 to 245 kPa and a speed of 5 to 12 m / s during work. The structure of the equipment indicates a cylindrical cylinder, which then rotates around the axis at high speed, generating a large centrifugal force. The particles with different particle sizes and densities in the pulp are subjected to different centrifugal overflow conduit forces.
  Therefore, their movement speed, acceleration and direction in the cyclone are also different: coarse and heavy particles are subject to a large centrifugal force and are thrown to the wall of the cylinder, and are rotated down to the bottom according to the spiral trajectory, as the sand from the sand It is discharged from the mouth; fine and light particles are subjected to a small centrifugal force, and are brought to the center, and an internal spiral ore flow is formed in the center of the conical simplified upward movement, which is discharged from the overflow pipe as an overflow.

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