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  product description

  Polyurethane scraper is also called polyurethane cleaner. It has high abrasion resistance, aging resistance, solvent resistance and long service life. Depending on the use environment, the hardness of the product is widely selected: ShoreA40-ShoreA95. Products with different hardness and different materials are selected under different working conditions. Polyurethane scraper is also called PU scraper. It is used on coal and chemical conveyor belts to remove adhered dust and powder materials, such as coal transportation, fertilizer transportation, and sand transportation.
  Belt cleaning system is suitable for the efficient cleaning of fine powder materials, dry materials or slightly wet materials, as well as inclined conveyor belts with plywood.
  The cleaner is polymer polyurethane, with low friction coefficient, high abrasion resistance and high strength. It has a stable scraping effect, prevents corrosion and breaks without hurting the belt. Suitable for electricity
  Conveyor belts for various industries such as metallurgy and mining.
  The cleaner has a buffer function, and has good followability to the belt surface in various situations, producing a complete scraping effect.
Polyurethane scraper


  1. The cleaner scraper is of standardized design, good interchangeability, light weight, easy and fast installation, maintenance and replacement.
  2, effectively eliminate material return.
  3. Reduced materials.
  4. Reduce maintenance time and costs.
  5. Less blade replacement means less downtime.
  6. Service life is more than 3-4 times of metal rubber scraper.
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  Technical index

  We can customize the scraper according to customer needs, the longest is 2 meters.
  Plug-type blades make blade replacement easier. It only takes one minute, without any tools, from the outside of the hood.
  Ultra-wear-resistant polyurethane composite material, which has twice the service life of ordinary polyurethane. Can be customized according to customer drawings. The PU scrapers produced by our company are made by casting. Various types of products have easy installation, maintenance, and debugging, without damaging the belt, holding objects, and sticking materials. They have good cleaning effect, good toughness, good straightness, and high. Abrasion resistance and other characteristics.
  Widely used in electric power, mining, coal, transportation machinery, cleaning and other industries.
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