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Combination mode of hydrocyclone group

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  The combined method of hydrocyclone can better solve the problem of capacity demand in industrial production and make the work completed more quickly and efficiently.
  For example,when using a mother and son hydrocyclone,high-pressure feeding is adopted,and the overflow separated from the mother cyclone is operated in series.The second classification can be carried out under the relatively low concentration of the son cyclone.Grading can make the final index more stable and improve work efficiency.
  Australia once developed a hydrocyclone with a combination of cylinder and cone.By adjusting the control valve between the two,the separated particles can be changed according to demand.The sediment in the cylinder is classified again when it enters the cone,which can improve the efficiency of classification to a certain extent.
  The double vortex hydrocyclone is equipped with a flushing water device at the bottom,which is an enlarged round channel.When the coarse particles are washed for the second time,they will be washed in the tangential direction.On the section is another ordinary cyclone,which can separate the water to maintain a certain concentration.
  A hydrocyclone that combines rotation and dynamics developed in Poland is suitable for water circulation treatment systems,which can reduce the yield of coal and recover cement with an activity of 180%.
Combination mode of hydrocyclone group.
  How to check if it has been blocked and fix it in time to avoid more problems?
  1.If there is no slurry outflow from the overflow pipe and the bottom pipe of the hydrocyclone,the feed pipe is completely blocked by 0.2.If only a small amount of slurry flows out of the overflow pipe of the hydrocyclone,or there is no slurry in the overflow pipe.When the bottom flow flows out in a straight line,the feed pipe is partially blocked by 0.3.If there is no slurry flowing out from the bottom of the cyclone group,the flow rate of the overflow pipe is normal and the nozzle is blocked by 0.4.If the overflow of the cyclone is small,the underflow is large.And underflow occurred from the middle to the surrounding,and the overflow pipe was partially blocked.
  Before using the hydrocyclone unit,you can start a test run to see if the above situation occurs.If you must find the problem,fix it to avoid further damage,and then maintain it regularly.Maintenance to reduce the degree of component wear and eliminate safety hazards.Before you start using the hydrocyclone,please check to make sure that the cyclone equipment is not working properly,and then you can ensure that the equipment is working properly.So how do you check before you start?
  1.The medium density automatic control device should be accurate,and the valve of each component should be flexible and easy to use.
  2.The valves and tweezers that wet each part of the funnel should be intact and should not be blocked at the bottom of the inlet of the household mobile device.
  3.Check the wear of the hydrocyclone components and replace the wear limit.The connecting pipe should be free from perforation,water leakage and mud leakage.The valve should be flexible and easy to use.
  4.All instruments in the system,such as pressure gauges,flow meters,level gauges,density meters,etc.,should be flexible and accurate,and the indications should be located in the corresponding positions.
  At present,there are many types of new hydrocyclones developed at home and abroad.In summary,there are mainly the following categories.Combined cyclone The combined cyclone is a cyclone in which two or more cyclones are combined in a certain way(series or parallel)to form a grading operation.At present,the main types of cyclones developed are mother-child cyclones,cylindrical-cone two-stage combined cyclones,and rotating-dynamic parallel combined.
Combination mode of hydrocyclone group.
  The hydrocyclone is composed of an overflow pipe,a feed port,a cone section,an underflow pipe,a column section and a top cover.The processed material with liquid as the continuous phase carrier is fed by the liquid as the continuous phase carrier.After the tube enters the column or cone section,under the effect of the centrifugal force field,the separation process is quickly completed,and the overflow product with fine particle size or low density is obtained from the overflow tube,and the underflow product with coarse particle size or high density is obtained from the underflow tube.
  However,hydrocyclones have some difficult problems to deal with:such as congestion effect,split ratio adjustment,wear and energy consumption,which directly affect the power and application of hydrocyclones.In order to improve the lack of existing skills,address these problems.The problem proposes a set of new and simple solutions.
  Existing hydrocyclone separation equipment,except for the processed liquid with a volume concentration of less than 0.5%,will cause the problem of congestion near the underflow port,that is,the external rotation along the wall of the hydrocyclone to the underflow port The internal swirling flow and the swirling overflow formed from the beginning of the underflow orifice produce a congestion and mixing effect in the vicinity of the underflow orifice,so that the substrate that has settled in the outer swirling flow enters the internal swirling flow again,making the cone section The concentration of the processed liquid tends to be the same,and it conceals the influence of other factors on the separation power,and becomes the key element for the power of the high-concentration hydrocyclone.
  In order to prevent the mixed congestion effect of the inner circulation and the outer circulation in the lower area of​​the cone section,we use the butterfly cup plan.The maximum cone angle of the butterfly cup is on the outer edge of the butterfly cup and is equal to the cone angle of the hydrocyclone;the butterfly cup can roll around the conditioning axis,but cannot move axially relative to the conditioning axis.The size of the split ratio is adjusted by the adjustment shaft relative to the axial movement of the hydrocyclone;adjacent to the small end of the cone section of the hydrocyclone,a thin butterfly cup is set close to the direction of rotation of the wall of the hydrocyclone An exceptional swirling flow of the underflow port is discharged from the underflow port through the annular gap between the outer edge of the butterfly cup and the inner cone of the hydrocyclone to form an underflow product;the other extra swirling flow is guided by the butterfly cup The effect is to form a forced internal swirling flow to the overflow outlet.In the process of forming the internal swirling flow,the internal circulation will not mix with the already-settled underflow,that is,the congestion effect is solved by the guidance and isolation effect of the butterfly cup,and the separation power is improved.



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