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First understand these when buying a cyclone

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  Cyclone is an effective separation device that uses centrifugal force field to separate two-phase fluids.It is a non-moving separation device composed of an upper cylinder and a lower cone.Hydrocyclone is an efficient equipment for classification,desliming and concentration of fine-particle minerals.It is widely used in non-ferrous metal beneficiation,ceramics,and chemical industries.It is characterized by simple structure,large production capacity,small footprint,and work efficiency.high.
  The principle is that after the slurry is injected into the barrel from the feeding tube in a tangential,involute or spiral manner,the mixture of medium and particles rotates to form a centrifugal force field,and particles(or liquid phase)of different sizes and densities are generated Different trajectories,under the action of centrifugal force,medium resistance and other force fields,coarse particles and high-density particles move to the periphery and are discharged from the grit through the cone;fine particles and low-density particles(or liquid phase)It moves to the center and is discharged by the overflow pipe,and finally realizes the separation of solid particles and fluids of different densities.In the practice of beneficiation,the cyclone is mainly used for the classification operation in the grinding circuit,especially in the classification operation of fine grinding;it can also be used for desilting and concentration of ore for sorting operations.
  Different uses naturally put forward different requirements on the technical parameters of hydrocyclones,including structural parameters,process operation parameters,feeding properties,etc.,and the various technical parameters are often interrelated,restrict each other,and are not easy to adjust and control.We are required to know the technical parameters before choosing the hydrocyclone and make targeted selections.
First understand these when buying a cyclone.
  1.The diameter and height of the cylindrical cylinder of the cyclone
  The diameter of the cylindrical cylinder is the main criterion for distinguishing the size of the hydrocyclone,and there is a certain proportional relationship with the size of other parts.Increasing the diameter of the cylindrical cylinder can improve the processing capacity of the hydrocyclone,but at the same time the overflow particle size will become coarser,and vice versa.When processing fine-grained materials and the processing volume is relatively large,we can use multiple small cyclones in parallel to form a group.
  The height of the cylindrical barrel has a significant impact on the residence time and classification efficiency of the slurry in the cyclone.When the insertion depth of the overflow pipe is constant,increasing the height of the cylinder will prolong the separation time,reduce the separation particle size and improve the separation efficiency,but it also has the negative effect of reducing the output and increasing the energy consumption.When the height of the cylinder is reduced,you will get the opposite result.Generally,the effect is better when the height of the cylindrical barrel is 0.6-1.0 times the diameter of the cylindrical barrel.
  2,the diameter of the cyclone feeding port
  Generally,the diameter of the feed port is 0.13-0.25 times the diameter of the cyclone.Appropriately increasing the feed port diameter can increase the throughput of the cyclone,but at the same time the classification efficiency will be reduced.Generally,the cross-sectional shape of the hydrocyclone feed pipe is mostly circular and rectangular,and most of them are rectangular.The configuration is mostly such that the long side is parallel to the cyclone axis and the short side is perpendicular to the cyclone axis.
  In the early days,the structure of the feed pipe and the connection with the barrel were mostly tangential.Its advantages are simple structure and convenient configuration,but the flow pattern changes suddenly,and the resistance loss along the way is large,which is easy to produce turbulence.Later,involute feed pipes were generally used,which had the effect of reducing energy consumption,increasing production capacity and improving separation efficiency.
  3,the diameter of the overflow pipe of the cyclone
  overflow pipes are mostly circular,and their diameter is usually 0.2-0.3 times the diameter of the hydrocyclone.Its main function is to smoothly,constantly and continuously lead the separated overflow product out of the body.Increasing the diameter of the overflow pipe will increase the overflow flow,but the overflow particle size will also become coarser,and the fine particles in the sedimentation will decrease and the concentration will increase.
  4,the diameter of the grit port of the cyclone
  Generally,the diameter of the grit port increases,the overflow rate decreases,and the overflow fineness becomes finer,while the amount of grit increases,the concentration decreases,and the fineness increases,but it has no significant effect on the throughput of the cyclone.The diameter of the grit port If it becomes smaller,the amount of sediment discharged will decrease,and the phenomenon of"roughing"will appear in the overflow.If it is too small,the coarse particles will accumulate more and more on the top of the cone,resulting in blockage.
  Under normal circumstances,the diameter of the grit port should ensure that the grit is discharged in an umbrella shape,and an angle of 20°-30°is ideal.The diameter of the grit port is usually 0.07-0.1 times the diameter of the overflow pipe.
First understand these when buying a cyclone.
  5,the insertion depth of the cyclone overflow pipe
  If the overflow pipe is inserted too shallowly,the short-circuit flow will increase,the separation time will be shortened,the content of coarse particles in the overflow product will increase,and the content of fine particles in the sedimentation product will increase,and the classification efficiency will decrease;if the overflow pipe is inserted too deep,The bottom coarse-grained grade will enter the overflow,reducing the classification efficiency of the hydrocyclone.In general,the insertion depth of the overflow pipe should be 0.5-0.8 times the height of the cylinder.
  6.​​The cone angle of the cylindrical cylinder of the cyclone
  Increasing the cone angle of the cylindrical barrel will reduce the height of the cyclone and increase the average radial velocity of the slurry.At the same time,due to the increase of the blocking effect of the cone,the upward velocity of the slurry will also increase,resulting in a coarser overflow particle size.Therefore,when separating coarse-grained particles,a large cone angle(30°-60°)is recommended;when separating fine-grained particles,a small cone angle(15°-30°)is recommended;when desliming,a smaller cone angle is recommended.The cone angle(10°-15°).
  7,cyclone pressure to mine
  The feed pressure has a direct effect on the throughput and separation particle size of the cyclone.Generally,the pressure of the mine should be maintained at 49-157kPa.Increasing the feed pressure can reduce the classification particle size and increase the processing capacity,but at the same time it will also significantly increase the power consumption and cyclone wear.When working normally,the feed pressure of the hydrocyclone should maintain a stable value.
  8.The properties of cyclone slurry
  The properties of slurry mainly include density,particle size and slurry concentration.In the case of the same slurry concentration,the higher the ore density,the finer the grading particle size.
  When the slurry concentration is higher and the mud content is higher,the viscosity and density of the slurry will increase accordingly,which increases the resistance to the movement of the particle size and makes the classification particle size coarser.vice versa.The ideal slurry concentration should be determined by the beneficiation test according to the specific production situation.In summary,in the process of using the cyclone,the cyclone operator can adjust the slurry pressure,change the diameter of the grit port,the slurry concentration,the angle of the cone,the size of the feed pipe and the overflow pipe,and the particle size composition of the material.Adjust operations in time.
  In addition,when choosing a hydrocyclone,it is recommended to purchase it from a professional and regular cyclone manufacturer,combine its own actual production situation,consult professional cyclone technicians,and strive to achieve both technical indicators and economic benefits.



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