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Cyclone size and model introduction

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  What are the size and model of the cyclone?I believe everyone is not particularly clear.Today,the cyclone manufacturer will take you to briefly understand:the size and shape of the cyclone are related to the coal being washed,but three basic principles related to the cyclone must be observed,namely:
  First of all,increasing the fluid resistance can improve the sorting efficiency.By changing the size ratio of the cyclone within a certain limit(except the length of the cyclone),such as the use of a cyclone with a smaller underflow port and overflow port,high-density materials can be selected.However,due to the increased resistance of the fluid,its processing capacity is correspondingly reduced.
Cyclone size and model introduction.
  Secondly,a size of the cyclone(usually the diameter of the underflow port)should be variable in order to be adjusted during operation.
  In addition,the scaling of the cyclone is based on the critical particle size,because regardless of the size involved,the particle size curve of the cyclone with similar geometry will remain unchanged.When using low concentrations,scaling up the model can be an important function.When using higher concentrations,a series of experiences from experiments in Changshu must be scaled up to ensure a good relationship between theoretical values​​and actual results.
  The geometric size ratio of the double cone cyclone is 2113D/Dc=2,di/Dc=0.35,du/Dc=0.5,do/Dc≤0.14,lcyl/Dc=2,lu/Dc=20,large The taper of the cone 5261 is 20°,and the taper of the small cone is 1.5°.
  Dc:is the nominal diameter of 4102 D:the diameter of the cylindrical section
  The size ratio of the single cone cyclone is 1653 di/Dc=0.25,du/Dc=0.33,do/Dc=0.028,lcyl/Dc=1,lu/Dc=18,and the cone angle is 6°.
  The multi-cyclone can often be installed in series or parallel.For example,high-efficiency and small cyclones can be installed in parallel to process large-volume coal slurry.In addition,connecting multiple cyclones in series can improve the overall recovery rate of a system.



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