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The difference between cyclone and hydrocyclone

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  What is the difference between a cyclone and a hydrocyclone?Let's understand together with the cyclone manufacturer:the influence of the diameter of the grit port on the operation of the cyclone:​​the ratio of the diameter of the grit port to the diameter of the overflow port is often called the pyramid ratio.The pyramid ratio is an effective way to change the graded particle size.The grit port often increases the discharge port area due to wear,which increases the grit output and reduces the grit concentration.If the grit port is too small,the coarse particles will accumulate on the top of the cone,which will cause the grit port to be blocked.The change of grit port size has little effect on the processing capacity of the cyclone.
  The components with low density move in the direction of the central axis,and form an upward moving internal vortex in the center of the axis,and then are discharged from the overflow port,thus achieving the purpose of two-phase separation.The diameter of the feed hole of the hydrocyclone is usually 0.08-0.25 of the diameter of the cyclone.If it is larger than this value,the processing capacity can be increased,but the classification efficiency is low,and the feed hole is often made into a rectangular shape.
  The influence of the feed pressure on the work of the cyclone:​​the feed pressure directly affects the processing capacity of the cyclone,but it has a small effect on the grading particle size.In the daily production process,the use of higher pressure(150~300kPa)can obtain stable operation results,but it will cause serious wear of surrounding parts.The feeding method can be directly fed by a pressure regulator box or a sand pump.The latter is better in terms of energy saving and stable operation.
The difference between cyclone and hydrocyclone.
  The effect of the cone angle on the work of the cyclone:​​Generally,a smaller cone angle is used for subdivision or dehydration;a large cone angle is used for coarse classification or concentration.The height of the cyclone cylinder is generally h(0.6~1.0)D.The insertion depth hy of the overflow pipe is(0·7~0·8)h.If it is too long or too short,it will cause the overflow and run thick.Cyclone is often used in combination with ball mill to form a closed loop in the dressing plant to ensure the particle size of the grinding product.At the same time,by adjusting its structural parameters,the hydrocyclone can also be used for concentration,desliming and other operations.
  The influence of the diameter of the feed pipe on the cyclone:​​the processing capacity,separation particle size and classification efficiency of the equipment are affected by the size of the feed port.The diameter of the feed port is often proportional to the diameter of the cyclone.Under normal circumstances,the cross-sectional shape of the mine mouth is rectangular,and the vertical cross-section is often tangential.
  In the classifying work of industrial production puree,when the cyclone unit is in good condition,the sedimentation will usually show an umbrella blowout.And there will be a relatively small air suction hole in the center of the umbrella.When the air moves upwards,the pulp in the equipment will be discharged out along the overflow pipe.As a result,the separation and classification efficiency of the cyclone group will be significantly improved.
  However,the angle of the umbrella structure in the equipment should not be too large.It is suitable to be able to spread out a little.When the polyurethane cyclone group is in the concentration work,the sediment can be discharged in the form of rope,and the concentration of the sediment can reach high at this time.During dehydration,the sediment can be discharged in an umbrella-like structure at a large angle.At this time,the concentration of sediment will drop to a low state,and at the same time,more solids can be contained in the overflow.the amount.
  There are many parameters that affect the final classification effect in production practice,which makes it difficult for the selection plant to adjust the parameters of the hydrocyclone.The influence of the diameter of the overflow pipe on the work of the cyclone:​​the proportional relationship between the size of the overflow pipe and the diameter of the cyclone is:dY=(0·2~0·4)D.If the diameter of the overflow pipe is increased,the overflow flow will increase,the overflow granularity will become coarser,the fine particle size in the sedimentation will decrease,and the sedimentation concentration will increase accordingly.,The structural parameters of the hydrocyclone have a great influence on the index of the final product.
  The structural parameters of the hydrocyclone include:the diameter of the mine opening,the diameter of the cylindrical shell,the cone angle,the insertion depth of the overflow pipe,the height of the cylinder,etc.The diameter of the cylinder can be used to indicate the specifications of the hydrocyclone.It has a huge impact on the grading particle size.Generally,coarse-grain grading uses a large diameter,and vice versa.The cone angle is similar to the diameter.In addition to the structural parameters of the hydrocyclone,the feed concentration,feed pressure,feed mode and other factors also have a certain impact on the final classification effect.
  The diameter of the overflow pipe of the hydrocyclone is increased to improve the processing capacity,but the overflow particle size becomes coarser,and vice versa.The height of the cylindrical cylinder has an effect on the residence time of the slurry in the cyclone and the classification efficiency,but it is not good if it is too high or too low,generally 0.6-1.0 of the diameter.It is made of special polyurethane,poured into shape,light weight,wear-resistant,and has no pollution to the processed materials.According to different processes,advanced structural designs such as volute pre-grading feed body,involute feed body,multi-cone body,large cone angle,long vertebra,and air-conditioning overflow cap can be selected,with excellent performance indicators.
The difference between cyclone and hydrocyclone.
  Generally,the classification concentration is high,the classification particle size is coarser,and the classification efficiency is low.The finer the classification particle size,the lower the ore concentration should be.The feed pressure mainly affects the processing capacity of the cyclone and has little effect on the classification particle size.The feed pressure increases,the slurry flow rate increases,the classification effect is improved,and the final sedimentation concentration increases.The feeding methods of hydrocyclones include three methods:self-flow feeding,pressure-stabilizing box feeding,and sand pump feeding directly.The feeding method mainly affects the feeding pressure and ultimately affects the classification effect.
  The basic principle of cyclone is to separate liquid-liquid,liquid-solid,liquid-gas and other two-phase or multiphase mixtures with a certain density difference under the action of centrifugal force.The mixed liquid enters the cyclone tangentially at a certain pressure,and a high-speed rotating flow field is generated in the cylindrical cavity.The dense components in the mixture move downwards in the axial direction and radially outwards at the same time under the action of the swirling field,and move downwards along the wall of the vessel when they reach the cone section,and are discharged from the underflow port,thus forming The external vortex flow field;
  The following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing the feed pump of the heavy medium cyclone:​​First,the reasonable choice of the outlet pipe diameter.The nominal diameter of the outlet pipe should be the same as or slightly larger than the outlet pipe diameter of the pump,and the flow velocity in the pipe should be between 2.0~3.0m3/s;if the pipe inner diameter is too large,the pipe flow velocity will be too low,Cause solids to settle and block the pipeline;if the pipe diameter is too small,the pipeline resistance is too large,which consumes the pump head and causes the inlet pressure of the cyclone to drop.



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